Books by Alex Burnham

Alex has written a selection of books on a range of Historical topics.

Currently these books are not availible but other print projects are in the works for the future and revised editions of these titles will be availible again very soon


60 Seasons: The British Touring Car Championship 1958 - 2017

A narrative look at the BTCC from its earliest days through to the 60th running championship in 2017. 

Over 700 pages giving every BTCC race, all 1053 of them, a report and giving an over view of the whole history of the championship.




 Motor Aces: Fast cars fabulous stories

Four stories of amazing racing drivers, four in depth looks at incredible Grand Prix machines.

Stories of Motor racers turned spies, How Grand Prix cars developed, The hilarious 1902 Paris to Vienna race and the epic 1976 F1 season

detailed looks at Lotus, McLaren, Panhard and Bugatti racers



The History Tellers: Riproaring stories from History

Eight amazing tales of historical adventure

From tiny Cavaliers to Underwater divers through Racing cars, Space ships, Bouncing bombs, Mountains and so much more.

Eight of the best History Tellers stories put down in greater detail. A perfect introduction to various historical subjects and periods, brilliant for those aged 10 to110.



More Books coming soon